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    untain, however, is poised to provid▓e a new way of living by reducing local r▓esidents' dependency on cattle dung for warmth on the Qingh▓ai-Tibetan Plateau. Every year, Yuzhen▓'s eight-member family burns 300 sacks, or 2▓,000 kilograms, of dried cattle dung. Half

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    of them are bought from others or at the market. Sometimes, they collect wood or turf to supplement energy suppli▓es, but the amount is quickly decreasing due to the deteriorating surroundings. Sandstorms, for example,▓ are more frequently seen than before in


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Yuzhen's village, even in the weather-favorable summer. Cattle dung is a cheap option, but it contributes to pollution and is not very efficient. "In winter?/p>

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? the inside temperature drops to below four degrees centigrade at midnight," Yuzhen said.  Israel has briefly eased its tight blockade of the Gaza Str?/p>

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坕p to ship in thousands of cattle ahea▓d of a major Muslim holiday. Eid al-Adha, which literally means "the festival of the sacrifice", will be celebrated l

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